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Traditional Filipino Recipes Commonly Cooked Until Today

Being an Asian country, rice is a staple Pinoy food but every region in the Philippines has its own cuisine that is different from each other in terms of taste as well as ingredients. However, there is one Filipino food that is common to every household all over the country that is also a considered a trademark of Pinoy cuisine that is known worldwide which is the adobo. In Pinoy cooking, “Adobo” can actually be defined as a manner of cooking or a process of cooking a certain dish. Several versions of the adobo have been introduced depending on which part of the country this humble dish originates. Its cooking techniques differ from region to region.


This Pilipino recipe is very easy to cook and consist of very simple ingredients. The most common ingredients are chicken, pork (or a combination of both) marinated in soy sauce and vinegar, sautéed and seasoned with salt, pepper and a generous amount of garlic. One may add other ingredients like potatoes, pineapple chunks and quail eggs to make this well- loved Filipino recipe even more delectable. However, garnishing added or not, adobo is already a very enjoyable by its own. Aside from chicken and pork, other varieties of adobo are the adobong pusit, adobong kangkong and adobong biya sa gata. In any way one prefers to cook this food recipe, it is an authentic lutong Filipino dish in all its attribute.

There are also a good number of traditional Filipino food recipes that are still popular among modern Pinoy households of today. Although Philippine cuisine has been injected with foreign influenced food like burgers, fries, hotdogs, pastas, donuts and the like brought in by international franchise restaurants. These dishes are mostly unhealthy and go under quick cooking procedures. These are mostly processed food, loaded with msg, batter coated and oily which is not good for the health especially to young children.

For health reasons, many Filipino homemakers of today still prefer serving their loved ones with famous Filipino recipes with healthy ingredients. From Northern Luzon, there are many Ilocano dishes whose ingredients are not hard to find like the saluyot recipe, the bagnet, dinengdeng and the pinakbet. Bicol, which is part of Southern Luzon is famous for their preference for hot and spicy dishes with coconut cream (gata ng niyog) like laing that is made from gabi or taro leaves simmered in gata and seasoned with spicy labuyo. Other Bicolano pagkaing pinoy are tilmok, ginataang labong and kinunot. From the Tagalog region, popular lutong pinoy recipe tagalog are the tinolang manok, bulalo batangas, sinigang sa miso and sinigang sa bayabas.

Famous Visayan recipes include La PazBachoy, Chicken Inasal, Pansit Molo and Sinamak. In Mindanao, fruits like banana, mango and pineapple grow in abundance with the best varieties that are of export quality. Durian, another popular fruit in davao is also used and infused into delicious desserts like durian sans rival, durian cheesecake, durian leche flan and durian ice cream and gelato.
For more information about pinoy cuisine and how to discover more recipes that are authentic Filipino, browsing the net for lutong bahay Philippines and one will be ushered to any recipe one could to think that is Filipino. Filipino dishes are simple in nature with ingredients that are readily available. No complicated spices make up the dish but the flavor is utterly delicious and gastronomically filling.

Source: Traditional Filipino Recipes Commonly Cooked Until Today